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We all inhabit that part of Earth known as ‘The Atmosphere’. It seems a simple sort of a place to live and yet, as any scientist is happy to proclaim – it, and its behaviour, is extremely complex !

That science is not too sure of all the finer points, that we don’t have much in the way of reliable data going back more than twenty – maybe thirty years or so – is not as widely appreciated as, perhaps, it should be

So, is it possible for the ordinary layman, outside of the scientific community, to gain a working understanding of exactly how the atmosphere actually functions?

Can we assist the ordinary person to assess and rationalise the plethora of information with which we are all being bombarded, to filter out what is real from what is false, what is pure speculation, what is political manipulation?

Well,  if it is explained in a non too technical way, at least we can try ! Please feel free to use the menu button and hop about among the pages (there will be more to come) and comment as you feel appropriate – but please, keep it polite and well reasoned and, where possible, with appropriate references.

Scientific Philosophy

There is little, if anything, in human scientific history which, when examined in the light of modern knowledge, would stand unmodified.

To be true to the principles of science, we must assume that this core concept continues to hold true when applied to present day scientific knowledge.

If there is one concept that any teacher must pass to any pupil it is this; – ‘Whatever we believe, whatever we believe we know, whatever we think, whatever think is true, we must always accept and understand that it may well be incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect, in error, misinterpreted – or just plain wrong.’

‘Whatever you are told, accept it as a proposal, a proposition, a possibility – a good brick to stand on while you look further into the mist – but it can never be the final answer – always challenge, always question, always push the boundaries – always seek the truth. Only through such challenge can progress be achieved.’


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